Announcing: INCubatoredu 2023 National Student Pitch Winners!

Five student entrepreneur teams earned the chance to pitch their start up businesses to a panel of investors at the 2023 INCubatoredu National Student Pitch Event in Chicago. More than 60 teams submitted from around the world for the chance to compete for real funding.  

The five competing teams at the 2023 INCubatoredu National Pitch:


DotekiBrush, Barrington High School, IL, Teacher: Hagop Soulakian

Faer For Everyone, Lorenzo Walker Technical High School, FL, 
Teacher: Ted Coine

Notifeye, Westlake High School, TX, Teachers: Jeff Nixon & Lindsey Stokes

Safe Sip, Mundelein High School, IL, Teacher: Michelle Sherwin-Petrucci

Sticks & Stones, Brewster High School, NY, Teacher: Ed Schmidt


Panel of Judges:

michael-milesThe finalists delivered excellent presentations.  Michael Miles offered, "Every one of you has an investable business." Karl Fruecht, emcee and co-Founder of Uncharted Learning, said, "Some of you will get funded, and those who didn't...prove us wrong!"  

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2023 winners:

Notifeye received $15,000 to continue developing and testing their solution to a deadly problem.

Sticks & Stones secured $5,000 in funding to build inventory, bootstrap and go, go, go.  

$15,000 to Notifeye

Notifeye-winners-national-pitch-2023Notifeye is a dash camera that faces the driver and monitors for signs of distractedness or drowsiness on
the road. Once that behavior is detected, Notifeye will alert the driver with an audible notification to focus their attention back on the road. Ultimately minimizing crashes and saving lives.

$5,000 to Sticks & Stones

Sticks&Stones-winners-national-pitch-2023Sticks & Stones is an all-natural, portable, deodorant stick that eliminates foul odors in the male genital area. Our product is made up of a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, ensuring a safe, moisturizing, anti-stain, and effective way to tackle a common, but taboo, hygiene problem in a sensitive area.


Thank You

These students benefit from committed teachers and INCubatoredu volunteers who offer time and talent to support this student journey.  Thank you for your investment in our future leaders!

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