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Student Stories, Teacher Testimonials & Entrepreneurship Education in Action

Teaching Entrepreneurship in High School

Teaching entrepreneurship in high school supports student development in creative thinking, collaboration, and other critical real-world skills.

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What Does Teaching Entrepreneurship to High School Students Look Like?

We turned to three EntreEd Talk podcast interviews with INCubatoredu teachers to hear their journeys in teaching entrepreneurship to high school students.

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Connecting High School Entrepreneurship with Higher Education

Connecting entrepreneurship in high school with Higher Education opportunities - Access to college credit and other incentives are ways INCubatoredu can open up opportunities to students.

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High School Entrepreneurship—Failure to Success Stories of Students

Entrepreneurship education teaches high school students to learn from failure in order to adopt a resilient mindset and problem solving skills.

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Success Story: Entrepreneurship in High School CTE with Ted Coiné

What is CTE in high school today? Ted Coine shares what student success looks like when combining CTE and entrepreneurship for real-world skill building.

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Ashley Blackburn

Evaluating Experiential Learning: It's Not Just A Grade

Evaluating experiential learning is challenging. Here's an approach for teachers, schools / districts for measuring entrepreneurship education curriculum.

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How (Un)Knowns Can Lead to Innovation

Entrepreneurship supports the right skill-building - hear how this high school entrepreneurship class curriculum prepped them for Techstars Startup Weekend.

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Entrepreneurship Workshop for Educators  Integrate Entrepreneurship into Your Current Classes Learn More

Real Stories of Young Women and High School Entrepreneurship

Women and Entrepreneurship: Four young women share their personal stories of achievement and growth through INCubatoredu high school entrepreneurship.

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