MobileMakersEdu App Idea Pitch Contest 2021

MobileMakersEdu is a course that helps students build coding skills - the hard skills - needed to work in STEM or to be a software developer.  Learning to code can also activate an entrepreneurial mindset - softer skills like perseverance and problem-solving.

The MobileMakersEdu Pitch Your Own App Idea Contest encourages students to come up with an app idea and 'Pitch' how they would go about executing it.  This encourages students to explore and perhaps learn something new about how to use the iOS Swift coding language to bring an idea to life. This project also encourages students to tap into tools used in industry (by software developers).  This is a skill that will benefit them regardless of future plans.

Here's Wade with the details! 



This contest encourages current MobileMakersEdu students to be creative in identifying a problem to solve, resourceful in mapping out the app solution, and demonstrate knowledge of app development and/or capabilities of Swift.


  • To help students push themselves to be resourceful and have grit in learning something new in a self-guided way.
  • To drive students to work in coding/Swift without the direct support of a teacher.
  • To learn from 'industry' - Students have the opportunity to receive feedback from MobileMakersEdu alumni, instructors, and developers.
  • To get great prizes!


Now! Apps and videos must be submitted to the linked form by 11:59PM CDT on June 18, 2021.


Students can work independently or together with up to two partners  (who are also MobileMakersEdu high school students or graduates) to pitch an app idea using technical language that demonstrates their knowledge of the Swift programming language or Xcode.



Who can submit?  

  • At least one member of the student team submitting must currently be enrolled in a MobileMakersEdu High School course.

Deadline?  App and video submissions are due by June 18, 2021, at 11:59 PM CDT to the form.

All students are required to submit a link to a video (3 minutes maximum) which includes the following information:

  • Defines the problem the app solves
  • Demo of how to use the app - does not need to be done in Xcode
  • Uses technical language to describe app features
  • Introduces all of the members of the team
  • States the name of the students’ teacher
Both students and teachers have the opportunity to win great prizes!


1st Place Team

  • One hour of mentoring and consulting with a professional software developer
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card for each team member
  • MobileMakersEdu T-shirt

Teacher of the 1st Place Team

  • Invitation to be featured in an Uncharted Learning blog post
  • Special shout out to your administration

2nd Place Team

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card for each team member
  • MobileMakersEdu T-shirt

3rd Place Team

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card for each team member
  • MobileMakersEdu T-shirt

Please contact with any questions!  Good luck!

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