INCubatoredu 2019 National Pitch FINALISTS!

Drumroll please...

From a pool of 39 impressive teams, representing 12 states, 5 teams rose to the top. We are very pleased to announce the finalists for the 2019 INCubatoredu National Pitch!

Here are the Finalists!

Allergenius Baking Co (Wheaton North HS, IL) - A business that provides baked goods free of the fourteen most common allergens. Allergenius Baking Co is dedicated to making safe, delicious treats and spreading allergy awareness, so that "Anyone can eat it. Everyone will love it!"

Chore Champion (Loveland HS, CO) - Chore Champion is a mobile app that helps parents and children complete chores with the help of experiential rewards.

Dignified Designs (Lake Forest HS, IL) - Dignified Designs provides an easy way to transform the clothing of low mobility and dementia patients in easy to use adaptive wear with an optional GPS tracking for patients to maintain independence and dignity.

Evendtor (Hononegah HS, IL) - Evendtor is a service which solves a two sided problem. The company helps schools or other organizations to easily and efficiently show appreciation for staff and/or students. At the same time, the company provides opportunities for food truck vendors to get valuable revenue during times when events typically do not take place.

SipSafe (Westlake HS, TX) A customizable sticker you can put on your phone that uses a chemical reaction to test for the presence of date rape drugs. When you introduce a drop of your drink to the sticker a visible color change will indicate that there is a date rape drug present and that the drink is unsafe to consume. This solution offers the consumer a discreet way to ensure their drink has not been tampered with and provides multiple tests per sticker a UVP not available with other products on the market.

We look forward to seeing all five up on the big stage on Wednesday, July 17th at 5:00PM and we hope to see you there, too!

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Who decides who gets funding? 

Check out our panel of esteemed judges:

Best of luck to the Finalists!