INCubatoredu Summit 2019 - Highlights and Favorite Moments

We’re still abuzz

2019.INCSummit.teachers2We have so much to reflect on  regarding the 2019 INCubatoredu National Summit in Chicago - everyone was grateful for air conditioning during the steamy, 90+ degree July week in the city.  Chicago is the home to this gathering each year, and the venue, Convene, provided a cool, upbeat space to well, convene! It was the perfect collaborative learning environment.  

2019.incsummit.karenSummit is a time when teachers and administrators from our Member schools join together to skill-up around entrepreneurship education, develop as educators, connect, and be inspired.

For three days, education thought leaders, business leaders, special guests and INCubatoredu students shared stories, ideas and inspiration - all in the spirit of elevating the way we prepare students for what’s next.  


Teacher Bootcamp - for real

2019.incsummit.teachers4For our Startup teachers, or those who will be teaching INCubatoredu for the first time, this professional development puts them squarely in the shoes of the student -- teachers take on the full entrepreneurship student journey. Lovingly called 'Bootcamp', this experiential take on the curriculum (and what it takes to be an entrepreneur) teams up teachers from around the country. 

2019.INCsummit.ashleyTogether, they work through the Business Model Canvas, customer interviews, financials, and more ... all culminating in a teacher team pitch!  With earnest smiles and laughter, successes and failures, each team is pushed out of their comfort zone, and ultimately, takes away what it will be like for students in their classrooms in the weeks to come.  

"That was hands down, the absolute best professional development I have EVER attended. EVER!"
- 2018 Summit attendee, Bridget Dervin, INC Teacher, Westmont High School


We ❤️ Teachers

2019.IncSummitTeacherWe are dedicated to our ‘front line’ - educators who put it all out there each day for students. We support their effort, and we strive to enrich their experience by providing tools and guidance to set them up for success. Our goal is to offer innovative professional development around entrepreneurship education - not just curriculum training.  And, each year we seek feedback from our member educators and Bootcamp participants so that we can iterate on content and the approach to this Event to ensure it’s time well spent. We’re proud and so very motivated by our community of educators - thank you all so very much, you are the fuel to this fire!


Favorite Moments

If you weren’t able to join us (and we sincerely hope you will next year), here are just a few of the highlights from contributors who we thank for sharing, making us laugh, and opening us up to new (or refreshed) concepts.  #lifelonglearning!

'How do we help our young people become job creators, not job seekers?’


Yong Zhao is a Scholar, Author, and Speaker.  Yong shared his perspective on student success in this ever-changing world. 

'Students need to be able to think like entrepreneurs -- we must cultivate independent thinkers who can contribute positively to the globalized society.'  ‘'Everyone has something that’s worth developing, and we live in a time when that unique talent can be powerful.'  

‘Great things happen when you do things, nothing happens when you don’t’. 

2019.INC.Summit.MartinSir Martin Atkins is Punk Rocker, Author, Entrepreneur & Professor at the Center for Entrepreneurship, Millikin University. Sir Martin shared his story and view on how to encourage non-traditional learners to find their path to personal success. We enjoyed some hilarious stories from this rocker drummer who has been a member of bands Public Image Ltd., Ministry and Nine Inch Nails.  He truly personifies the entrepreneurial mindset, celebrates the creative potential of ADHD students, and is a champion of the cultural arts.

‘Be interesting, NO, be interested!’ 'You don’t always need money to do stuff, just an idea and a vibe and a will to make it happen.'  'There’s no such thing as mistake, it’s just moving forward.' 'More carrots, less sticks.' 'The only safety comes from risks...'.

‘We were born creative, so what happened?'


Our partners at Miami University John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship shared with us creativity expert Jim Friedman.  Jim lead a great session on Creativity Mindset sharing tools, tips, toys, and tricks for all to bring back to the classroom to unlock the creativity in students and staff.  We are grateful to Jim and team for their contributions to the INCubatoredu curriculum (new this year!), and reinforcing the importance of building creativity.  

‘We were born creative, how do we get our students asking questions again, how do we get them to silence the fear-based, ‘voice of judgement’, put aside habits and go for empowerment…?

'We learned about stepping outside our comfort zone.' 

2019.IncSummit.studentpanelThe INCubatoredu student alum panel brought home the impact and power of their experience. A diverse group of students shared key takeways from their learning in and out of the classroom, and how it prepared them for the real world. 'INCubatoredu is not class, it's a start up project that you get to work on with your friends, get real funding, and test out those projects in real life.'

2019.INCsummit.studentpanel.j2pg'We got to do stuff that you actually care about.' 'INCubatoredu helped me learn to talk to people and sell myself.' 'The internship I have now is almost exactly what I learned and did in my INCubatoredu class - so it completely prepared me for that.' 'You don't realize this at the time, but you're learning skills that are going to prepare you monumentally.' Hear more in this short video.

Until next year!  

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