MobileMakersEdu 'Build Your Own App' Contest 2023 WINNERS

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 'Build Your Own App Contest'! 

Each participant showcased their exceptional talent and dedication to app development, making it a tough decision for our judges. Congratulations to the top three winners for their innovative and well-executed apps – your hard work has truly paid off! 🌟👏

We also want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the participants who joined the contest. Your creativity, passion, and technical skills were evident in each entry, and we commend you for your fantastic contributions. The future of app development looks incredibly bright with such a talented and enthusiastic community. Keep coding and exploring new horizons! 

Overall, the judges were impressed and they enjoy supporting the growth of the Swift developer community!  Thank you to our five amazing iOS developer judges who volunteered their time to review submissions from MobileMakersEdu students from across the globe! 

Review the prizes and contest rules here. Congratulations to all of the winners and participants!



 Jersey Shore Simulator

By:  Madeline Binder, Waukesha West High School

Teacher: Brandon Egnarski

Judges' Comments:

  • Great run-through, and a really fun and creative app.  She packed a LOT of functionality into the app.  She explained the code and clearly understand what she was doing. Please keep coding!
  • I make comedy video games for a living. I designed Drawful, Role Models, Champ'd Up, and other popular Jackbox Party Pack games. This game is funnier than any game I have ever made in my life!
  • I think with some more time you can do a lot here with the design. App logic was great and there are multiple mini-games built into the simulator. By far my favorite app demo'd here. Great work! Huge Fan!

jersey shore.1




By: Andrea Arana & Anna Wojnicki, John Hersey High School

Teacher:  Bob Brown

Judges' Comments:

  • Fantastic job with your app! Habit tracking is a popular app genre that solves a real-world problem people seek solutions for in the App Store. I like that you challenged yourself to extend the functionality of the app in each habit-tracking category.
  • Your habit tracker app is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for users to stay organized and focused on their goals. I like your app design as well! Maybe consider adding a feature that allows for social accountability and sharing progress with friends, which could further motivate users to stay committed to their habits.
  • I like how TrackIt solves multiple everyday problems for users, with easy-to-use intuitive design. It allows users to customize their goals while also being educating (i.e. optimal water consumption amounts). The code makes great use of SwiftUI views, else-if statements, and reacts well to UI changes such as onEditingChanged. Great work!





By: Kevin Benny & Georgian Saju, John Hersey High School

Teacher: Bob Brown

Judges' Comments:

  • It is awesome seeing students create an app to solve a common problem for themselves. StuCa does the math these students commonly need in a straight-forward design. Great job!
  • An all-in-one calculations app directed towards students specifically is a novel idea and seeks to provide a quicker way for students to get answers to their common calculation needs. I can imagine this to be very useful as you continue to extend the functionality to serve the needs of the student population. Well done!



Notable Entries


By: Tirth Patel, Prospect High School

Teacher: Paul Hennig

Tempest vs. The World

Student: William Larsen,  Waukesha North High School

Teacher: Kristin Kamenar



By: Frank Nolan, Waukesha West High School

Teacher: Brandon Egnarski


Viator Parking Reserve

By: Lauren Shannon, Andrea Rivera, Saint Viator High School

Teacher: Rachel Mroz


The future of app development looks bright given what we see year after year!  Congratulations!


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