MobileMakersEdu Winter Contest 2020-2021 WINNERS ANNOUNCED

The MobileMakersEdu Winter Contest encourages students to take a deeper dive into the power of the iOS Swift coding language. Students are asked to explore independently all the tools and resources available to professional iOS software developers.  Why is this important?  We believe challenges like this help drive student agency and crucial skill development like problem solving, algorithmic thinking and communication.  

This year, three talented professional iOS developers served as judges.  We are so grateful for their volunteered time to review submissions from MobileMakersEdu high school students from across the globe.

THANK YOU to the 2020-21 Winter Contest Judges:

  • Jimmy McDermott - CTO at Transeo
  • Patrick McCarron - Staff Engineer at M1 Finance
  • Wade Sellers - iOS Developer Mentor at MobileMakersEDU

Review the prizes and contest rules here.  Congratulations to all of the winners and participants!



How To Make A Circle In Swift5 (CAShapeLayer) by Preston Harold & Gage Beatty at South-Western Career Academy (OH)


Judges Feedback:

  • 'I thought this was great and super fun to watch - keep up the good work with the editing and keeping your tutorials light.'
  • 'Really good and funny video, so very engaging. Would love to see more examples of what you could do with CAShapeLayer.'
  • 'Humor galore. You hit the point home while remaining empathetic to the viewer and being lighthearted and relatable. These are the tutorials that make me feel that I can trust the developer to continue to teach me more. Nice work!'


How To Use SpriteKit To Move An Object Across The Screen by Jeremy Richardson at Grayslake Central High School (IL)


Judges Feedback:

  • 'Really great work, I enjoyed learning about something I haven't explored before...Good job!!'
  • 'Very clear and informative tutorial for a not-so-simple process at surface level, bonus points for even giving the listener some applications for the code.'
  • 'Perfect breakdown for moving a sprite around. Loved the bonus tidbit at the end by removing code to move the sprite around anywhere. It helped solidify the concept. Calm demeanor and choice of words were enjoyable to hear throughout. Fantastic job articulating your code.'



How To Create A Video Player In Swift by Daniel Warchol at Waukesha North High School (WI)


Judges Feedback:

  • 'Great work! 
  • 'Such a great job breaking down the concept of a video player line by line. This wasn't an easy topic and the understanding that needs to occur in each line of code is complex and you explained it well.'
  • 'Great job on even showing where the Bundled Resource appears in the Xcode project as well once loaded. That's a great touch. You articulated the concepts extremely well.'






Congratulations and well done!  #makeapps


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