MobileMakersEdu Winter Contest 2021/22 WINNERS ANNOUNCED

A few weeks ago, we ended the window for screencast submissions to the annual MobileMakersEdu Winter Screencast Contest. This year, we had over 30 contest submissions and four amazing iOS developer judges who volunteered their time to review submissions from MobileMakersEdu high school students from across the globe!

Overall, the judges were impressed - they enjoy supporting the growth of the Swift developer community.  Thank you to the 2021-22 Winter Contest Judges:

  • Don Bora - Co-founder | Partner at Eight Bit Studios
  • Vik Denic - iOS Engineer at Numerator
  • Jimmy McDermott - CTO at Transeo
  • Wade Sellers - iOS Developer Mentor at MobileMakersEDU

Review the prizes and contest rules here. Congratulations to all of the winners and participants!



Using if-else Statements to Implement a UISwitch in Xcode by Abigail Swanson at Buffalo Grove High School (IL)


Judges' Feedback:
  • "Abigail did a great job demonstrating the utility of 'if / else' statements, while also showing how to add an image via UIImageView. It was also great hearing how other developers could use these skills simply to accomplish other tasks in programming. Nice work!"

  • "Fantastic tutorial on the use of UISwitches and if/else logic to control the outcome depending on the switch setting. You also taught us how to implement UIAlertController’s too. Nice job talking through the steps and explaining what’s going on along the way the entire time. This is a great educational screencast!"

  • "Great job of explaining what you were doing AS you did it while covering such an important coding concept as conditional logic. You also included a couple of user interface features with the UISwitch and the UIAlertController while covering your if-else topic - Nice work!"


 Adding a Delay to UIActions by Carson Gerhardt at Buffalo Grove High School (IL)


Judges' Feedback:

  • "Very unique screencast and a very handy trick to have in your pocket when you want to include a delay in your app before something else happens. You used a simple example that allows the concept you want to teach to stand out in front of the video. Great job noticing your code typos along the way and showing people that everyone encounters errors and how you work through them. Excellent screencast!"

  • "Carson did a great job using delays, and explaining what they could be used for by other programmers. Nicely done!" 

  • "This was a nice choice of a very useful design concept, while making the implementation simple and easy to understand. Good job explaining use cases for when we might want to implement a delay in our code. Great work!"


How to Implement a UIScrollView by Isabella Banuelos at Buffalo Grove High School (IL)


Judges' Feedback:

  • "Isabella did a nice job explaining the usefulness of UIScrollView and how to implement one. This can be a confusing component, but she made it seem simple. Great work!"
  • "Scrollviews are super handy and also a little tricky to learn and then to teach back. You explained your steps along the way very thoughtfully and used a simple but effective example to get the concept across. Nice work. This is a fantastic screencast."


Recreating the Internet Game “Cookie Clicker” with a Twist by Alexandra Britto at Elk Grove High School (IL)

Judges' Feedback:

  • "Great work demonstrating the code in a clear way and walking us through how you created your app. I was impressed with your ability to flip the image and the sources that you noted like StackOverflow. Good job!"

Tic Tac Toe App Comparison by Ishan Dhanani at Central High School (IL)

Judges' Feedback
  • "Great job showing your growth from your first attempt to your last attempt. I was really impressed by how modular and reusable your code was in the second version. Good work!"



Congratulations to all and well done!