“Why I Mentor”

wade.bio. (3)iOS developer & MobileMakersEdu Mentor shares his experience

Have you ever experienced an epiphany? They are unpredictable, intense, and can be life altering. I have experienced several in my life but only after I decided to pursue my personal passions professionally. I want to share 1 of them with you quickly…

I was right in the middle of an 8-week iPhone app development bootcamp in Chicago. It was late at night and I was the last person in the building. Stewing and stressing over a current code assignment I couldn’t seem to complete, I finally entered the correct code to solve an error that had been menacing me for hours. I hit the run button, crossed my fingers, and my app successfully appeared on my iPhone for the 1st time that day. Something occurred in that moment. I solved a big problem on my own and was able to complete the assignment without help. I stood up and cheered loudly as if I had an audience to congratulate me. I had built something from scratch… and it worked… and it was really difficult for me… AND I DID IT. I actually made something real. I could create. I could imagine. I could find the answers I needed. I could complete the task that earlier in the day seemed impossible. It was at that point I knew that I had found personal love for the artistic medium I was looking for to express myself passionately and with purpose…

Since I’ve become a coder, I have mentored and tutored others who are curious and interested in iPhone app development. By giving my time to others and sharing my excitement for the field, I discovered yet another epiphany. I love demystifying stereotypical presumptions of computer programming. I love showing people it’s within their grasp and then from there I love expanding on that and explaining how someone can pursue their individual passions through the artform of software development.

Being a mentor feels great and it’s always for a good cause. I get to meet many people who respect and appreciate my time because I am there for them exclusively. I gain happiness by helping others gain confidence and it’s simply wonderful. I speak to high school classes and teachers about the power of code, how it changed my life, how it’s real world applicable and how it’s all within reach. I exit these discussions with a buzz of excitement that doesn’t subside for hours. It’s extremely similar to the feeling I get when I solve a difficult problem in my code and the app finally runs on my iPhone.

I challenge you to try the same in your field of special interest. Whatever subject you love, there are people who want to learn from your experience. Many need to see something from another perspective and you can deliver that with your experience and know how. You will be respected and appreciated and looked unto for guidance. This feels fantastic to be valued so highly. I hope this inspires you to expose your passion to others and allow them to reach out to you for mentorship.

Thanks very much for reading!

Wade Sellers


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