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Grant to Support CTE

Florida Entrepreneurship

Districts get a jump start into entrepreneurship

This grant supports entrepreneurship education that sets up students for Certiport ESB certification.  This grant is part of the Florida Department of Education’s Entrepreneurial Education and Training (EET) program.
Uncharted Learning is partnering with the Florida Department of Education (DOE) and the Florida Association of Career and Technical Education (FACTE) to bring engaging entrepreneurship education to more students.  Partnership Details
We can support you with high-impact entrepreneurship programming for your school to satisfy the grant — engaging educator training, and robust curriculum.  

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2018-04-12 Lorenzo Walker - Student Team - Kosmo Kart

Student Entrepreneurs of Collier County Public Schools


Florida Districts Embracing Uncharted Learning Programs Now:

Collier, Manatee, Osceola, Lake, Pasco, St. John's

Check out all Uncharted Learning member schools & districts, nationwide.


Photo 1 Photo 2 Students writing on whiteboard

The tools and experiences provided by our programs prepare students to pass the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Certification (ESB) 

How do UL programs deliver concrete student impact?

  • Students extend their learning beyond the pages of a syllabus and the traditional 'sit and get' model of instruction to take ownership of their own learning and success.

  • Curriculum and programs provide a comprehensive runway optimized for success to motivate and energize students and teachers to reach beyond their baseline and achieve more than what they imagined.

  • Students are authentically assessed using real-world, industry practices like sharebacks and portfolios, allowing students to demonstrate their learning through dynamic performance and competency-based measures.

  • A proven framework to empower districts to build connections between school and community.

Student Impact

"This is a high school class where students come up with a (business idea) and make it happen.”

~ Ted Coine, Lorenzo Walker Technical High School Teacher

Students in Naples Create Vegan Pastry Company

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“I dealt with failure many times with my business, but because of the support of my teammates, teacher and mentor...I learned to stand up and go back for more.”

~ Karelix Marine, Henna Helpers, 2018 National Pitch Finalist, Lorenzo Walker Technical College

Student Perspective of INCubatoredu

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“12 and 13 year-olds ... present in front of their peers, learn from mistakes, and continue to stay engaged.”

~ Jessica Babb, Corkscrew Middle School teacher

Collier County Public Schools | Middle School Entrepreneurship

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“The Program has impacted students by giving them a confidence and trust in themselves that they didn’t have before.”

~ Jennifer DiPietro, Roslyn High School Teacher

Teacher Perspectives on Student Impact

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We Can Help

We provide solutions and programs that meet the specific dynamics of your district, goals for your students, and are in compliance with the grant.  We provide consult and materials to inform your application.  

Examples of Materials Provided

  • Program Overviews for a high-level view of the components of each program 
  • Course Summaries for detail on curriculum, assessments & resources 
  • Standards Maps
  • Performance-based assessment samples 
  • Professional Development Overview describing the immersive, comprehensive teacher training 
  • Fee Structure and District Benefits
  • Examples of successful implementations that map to your district’s goals
Explore programs that work for your district and the grant Schedule a Consultation