Get Ready, Mobile App Builders

The MobileMakersEdu 2022 Build Your Own App Contest launches today!

We can't wait to get a look at what our mobile app builders are creating during their MobileMakersEdu adventure!

What's the contest?

We’re on a mission to help students build the confidence and skills they need to work in a STEM industry, be a software developer, and grow as independent problem solvers.

The MobileMakersEdu Build Your Own App Contest deepens this kind of learning by encouraging students to go outside of their comfort zone and learn something new in iOS Swift. This initiative also encourages students to explore resources available to professional software developers, a skill which will support them no matter what they pursue after high school.

An entrepreneurial mindset includes the skill of problem solving.  Coding helps to build this soft skill, and provides the hard skills needed to work in STEM or be a software developer.

Check out previous BYOA Contest winners HERE.

Details below, contact Peggy with any questions!  

All You Need to Know:


An out-of-the-classroom contest that encourages students to develop their own app which makes use of a new framework or Swift concept not already covered in the MobileMakersEdu or the MobileMakersStudio course.


This helps students push themselves to be resourceful and have grit in order to learn something new in Swift without the direct support of a teacher. Plus, students will get the opportunity to receive feedback from MobileMakersEdu/Studios alumni, instructors, and developers, in addition to other great prizes.


Submissions are accepted as of March 26, 2022. Apps and videos must be submitted to the following form  by 11:59PM CDT on June 17, 2022. There is no advantage to students submitting prior to the deadline of June 17, but the deadline is firm.


Students can work independently or with up to two partners who are also MobileMakersEdu/Studios High School students or graduates, to develop an app that requires learning something new in the Swift programming language.


  • Students currently enrolled in a MobileMakersEdu or MobileMakersStudios High School course are eligible to participate.
  • App and video submissions are due by 11:59PM CDT on June 17, 2022 to the following form: 
  • All students are required to submit a zipped version of their app project, as well as a link to a three-minute or less video which covers the following information:
    • Defines the problem the app solves
    • Demos of how to use the app
    • Introduces all of the members of the team with provides descriptions of what they did
    • States the name of the students’ teacher
  • Both students and teachers have the opportunity to win great prizes, including Amazon gift cards, mentoring and a blog post feature.


3rd Place Team

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card for each team member 
  • MobileMakersEdu T-shirt for each team member

2nd Place Team

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card for each team member 
  • MobileMakersEdu T-shirt for each team member

1st Place Team

  • One hour of mentoring and consulting with a professional software developer
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card for each team member 
  • MobileMakersEdu T-shirt for each team member

Teacher of the 1st Place Team

  • Invitation to be featured in an Uncharted Learning blog post
  • Special shout out to your administration
    got it

Good Luck!

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