Whole Brain Teaching and Entrepreneurship

As a teacher, I was trained to adapt and accommodate the range of abilities and identities that students bring with them into the classroom - but I never fully learned how students think, or how I as a teacher think, for that matter. The disconnect between education (how we teach) and brain science (how we learn) has always seemed ironic to me.

HBDI.chartOver the past several months, I've explored this connection (or disconnect) more deeply. I was curious about my own brain, and through a professional development event led by Miami University’s John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship, I completed a Whole Brain® Thinking assessment called the HBDI®. 

Then, inspired to go further, I completed the training to become a Whole Brain® Thinking HBDI® Certified Practitioner.  

Ashley.HBDIThrough these experiences, I've gained tremendous insight into my own thinking preferences.  I've reflected on what I know now about teaching entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset, and the similarities in how entrepreneurs and educators must actively utilize and think across all quadrants of their brains.  

In a recent guest blog post on the HBDI® blog, I was inspired to share some ideas for how we could apply these insights to a "Whole Brain® Teaching" method to power up a classroom and drive engagement, relevancy, and connections.  Read more in this post:  Entrepreneurial Thinking and Teaching with Your Whole Brain.


Special Opportunity for Uncharted Learning Members

Uncharted Learning National Summit

This summer, Uncharted Learning is partnering with Herrmann International - the Whole Brain® Thinking hub - to offer our member educators a deep dive into Whole Brain® Thinking as it applies to teaching and educator stakeholder engagement. 

As part of the virtual 2020 Uncharted Learning National Summit, our annual professional development event for our member community, we’ll be leading an interactive, engaging session with the creators of the Whole Brain® Thinking Model where participants will have the opportunity to gain insight into their own thinking preferences while applying knowledge of Whole Brain® Thinking to examples and challenges specific to educators.

If you'd like to learn more about the full scope of professional development offered educators as part of Uncharted Learning membership, contact us.   


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