Winner Announcement: MobileMakersEdu 'Build Your Own App' Contest 2022

This year, we had some of the 'best contest submissions yet' to the annual MobileMakersEdu Build Your Own Contest, according to the five amazing iOS developers who volunteered their time to review the work from MobileMakersEdu students from across the globe!

We're fortunate to enlist the support of these judges who are dedicated to supporting the growth of the Swift developer community.  Thank you to our 2022 Build Your Own App Contest Judges:

  • Don Bora - Co-founder | Partner at Eight Bit Studios
  • Ben Bueltmann - Developer and Founder of Arrested Development
  • Husein Kareem - iOS Developer and Consultant
  • Wade Sellers -  iOS Developer Mentor at MobileMakersEDU
  • Gregg Walrod - Engineering Manager at Aclaimant
The prizes and contest rules are here.  Congratulations to all of the winners and participants!



Full Circle

By Bridget Kopp,  St. Viator’s High School, Arlington Heights, IL Teacher: Rachel Mroz

Judges' Comments:

  • Great presentation, app is simple and intuitive and is solving a problem that is “I can't math”. Graaaate work!!!
  • Bridget is solving a real-world problem for herself and for others. Very ingenious and, I'm not gonna lie, I would have loved this took a college. It is clear from Bridget's video that she has a clear concept of the code and how she executed it. She really knows her stuff! Well done!
  • This is such a cleanly built app and bravo on offering so many different helpful tools in one app for other trig students. I totally see people using this as a study aid. Well done & Congrats!
  • I really liked that they tried to solve something that frustrates all of us, math!




Pokemon Go Away

By  Brandeis Shore, Sterling High School, Sterling, IL

Teacher: Steve Johnson

Judges' Comments:

  • I really liked how much time they spent really diving in to expand the universe which taught them a lot of new things.
  • Really impressive world design and creativity in using what you knew to develop the logic for how the environment was set up and how your character could operate within the world. I liked seeing that you were implementing many different game types within the entire game as well. Outside of considering elements of Pokemon are trademarked so you might need to make some adjustments based on those rules, I think this app is ready to go live and get some user feedback. Super Well done!




The Plants Revenge

By Elijah Richards, The American School In Japan

Teacher: Mark Burpee

Judges' Comments:

  • The coolest game on the planet. Usage of SceneKit and game physics in the development is spectacular. Graaaaate work!!!
  • Nice job with SpriteKit, and enjoyed all the code comments
  • Elijah took a fun and interesting approach to his game. He tackled some very complicated logic to set up the basic game environment. He put a lot of work and effort into making this game and it's clear he learned a lot while doing it.



Notable Entries

Weather App

Student: Felipe Sandoval 

School: Sterling High School, Sterling, IL

Teacher: Steve Johnson


Student: Patrick Riley

School: Sterling High School, Sterling, IL

Teacher: Steve Johnson


Color Deception

Student: Zora Stephens

School: Richland Two Institute of Innovation

Teacher: Robin Jones


Owen’s RPG

Student: Elias Hultquist & Owen Raub 

School: The American School in Japan

Teacher: Mark Burpee




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