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Francis Tuttle Entrepreneurship Academy Rendering
The Edmond Way

Entrepreneurship Academy Offers Path to College, Business Ownership

Francis Tuttle Technology Center is launching a new Entrepreneurship Academy program that will be a central focus of the new Danforth Campus.  

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Middle Schoolers build skills with entrepreneurship
ACTE | Association for Career & Technical Education

Too Young to be Entrepreneurs? Not These Students!

When we’re kids, we can’t wait to grow up. We want a cool job, a paycheck, and to make a difference in the world. Many of us wait until we’re adults to take the first step toward career goals… But today’s young entrepreneurs are taking matters into their own hands at an early age in Collier County, Florida.

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The Hechinger Report

Student Seeks to Create the ‘Netflix of Online Learning’

Student entrepreneurs have applied their hard-earned wisdom to improving virtual school, too. A team of students from INCubatoredu, a high school entrepreneurship program based in Illinois, reworked their business Trashbots to make robotics and coding accessible and provide hands-on STEM education at home.

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CBS Austin

Local Teens Invent Incredible Tech to Keep Our Senior Neighbors Connected and Engaged

What started as a simple idea has grown into a thriving non-profit serving countless seniors in the greater Austin area. We're talking about WalkThru, a student startup that provides seniors in assisted living communities a way to feel connected, even while we are living in a pandemic.  

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Spectrum News 1, Ohio

Lakota High School Students Inspired By 'Shark Tank' Class

Lakota High School INCubatoredu class is featured in this news segment on Spectrum 1 in Ohio.  Hear from students, teachers and community mentors how this course is inspiring young talent in Ohio.  

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The Herald-Times

The Academy Launches New Entrepreneurship Program

Teachers often answer student questions, but at the Academy of Science and
Entrepreneurship, teachers try to provide tools so students can find answers on their own, said Joann Novak, business and computer science teacher at the school.

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Daily Herald

York High School Business INCubatoredu Students Win Funding

York High School Business INCubator student entrepreneurs Barry Carta, Connor Polomsky, Chris Markuson, and Luigi Allegrini partnered to develop their own business startup, known as Kroy Railway Group.

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The 74

Schuler:  Redefining Ready — Will COVID-19 Inspire Educators to Better Prepare Students for an Uncertain Future?

Educators have always known that skills like creativity, flexibility and resilience are foundational to student success. But the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced how important it is to equip our pre-K-12 students with those skills.

Early educators focused on the social and emotional development of the whole child, in particular, have been swimming upstream against a rising tide of accountability. As a result of this focus among policymakers (and sometimes parents) on high-stakes assessment, educators have deprioritized teaching human skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration and adaptability...

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Walk-Thru Student Team - Winners of INCubatoredu 2020 National Pitch
KVUE Austin, Texas

Vista Ridge High School INCubatoredu Students Win National Competition

Vista Ridge High School INCubatoredu 2020 National Pitch Winner, Walk-Thru, is featured in this news segment on KVUE in Austin. 

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Gulfshore Business

Smart Cookies - Students Start a Plant-Based Bakery in Naples

“Every time someone has a connotation of vegan in their minds, and then they taste our cookies, they’re like, ‘Man, this is good!’”

Carl Veus and Franko Cardozo, Nagen’s founders, are showing Southwest Florida how delicious dairy- and egg-free desserts can be with the bakery they cooked up while enrolled in the entrepreneurship program at Lorenzo Walker Technical College. Lorenzo Walker’s hands-on program helps students establish and expand on revenue-generating companies. Collier County Public Schools offers students entrepreneurship education in middle school and high school.

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