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Focus Daily News, Dallas

MISD Students In National Spotlight As They Pitch Mallet Head This Week

As anyone who has ever watched “Shark Tank” on TV knows, the lights shine brightest on those fortunate enough to land a chance to try and strike a deal with any or all of the millionaires/billionaires in the room.

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Post Bulletin

Young Entrepreneurs Make the Grade in Rochester's Incubatoredu Program

"I didn't feel like a student; I felt like a business owner working with other business people," John Marshall junior Nina Munoz said. 

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Rocky Students Earn Thousands in Final Pitch

The Rock Island-Milan Education Foundation awarded $10,000 to Rock Island High School entrepreneurs at the Final Pitch night in the RIHS Auditorium.

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Northwest Herald

Prairie Ridge High School Students Compete in Incubatoredu Pitch Night

'They build, test, learn, apply – embracing the cycle of experimentation, Prairie Ridge, says Ryan O'Neill.

Five teams of Prairie Ridge High School students competed against each other for prize money May 5 during the school’s 4th annual Incubator Pitch Night Event, a school official said.

The event was a part of the school’s dual credit business incubator class where students learn how to develop a potential product or service, Ryan O’Neill, who teaches the course at Prairie Ridge, said in an email.

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Rock Island Student Entrepreneurs Win Business Awards

The INCubatoredu Entrepreneur and Enterprise students gave their business pitches to a row of “sharks” at FINAL PITCH NIGHT on Rock Island Student Entrepreneurs Win Business Awards in the Rock Island High School Auditorium. Five entrepreneur teams vied for three awards: Best Pitch Award, Best Business Potential Award, and Best Business Model Award.

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NCTV — Naperville Community Television, Education News

Naperville Students Solve Tangled Jewelry With “Polar Pocket”

Six months ago, Naperville North students Ishika Sadhukhan, Mary Crossett, and Ellie Gerner were strangers. Now, they’re business partners.
Together they created Polar Pocket, a device that ends the age-old problem of tangled jewelry. The user places their jewelry in the device and secures it shut to “freeze” it into place.

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Vestavia Voice

New Partnership to Give Students Real-World Business Opportunities

Students at Vestavia Hills High School will have an opportunity not only to develop their own business ideas but also to present them to possible investors to earn seed funding thanks to a new partnership with INCubatoredu.

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The Caravan, Mount Carmel High School

INCubatoredu Allows Students to Start Businesses

INCubatoredu is a course offered for the first time this year to juniors at Mount Carmel. The course offers an authentic entrepreneurship experience as students divide into teams, develop their own product, device or service, and turn it into a business.

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Getting Smart 

How Helping Students Get Comfortable With Failure Can Increase Economic Equity

Here’s something we’ve asked ourselves time and again over the years we’ve taught and mentored high school students:

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Inspired Teen Entrepreneurs Finding More Support in Local High Schools: What They’re Learning

More area schools are making a priority of nourishing budding teen entrepreneurs through business start-up classes. It’s a new focus coinciding in recent months with a local high school student and two recent Miami University graduates appearing on TV’s popular “Shark Tank” show.

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