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High School Biz Team Awarded $5K For 'Downstairs' Deodorant

BREWSTER, NY — A team from a Brewster High School business class that invented a special deodorant for men has won $5,000 from the National INCubator Student Pitch Competition.

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Daily Herald

Mundelein High seniors ready to pitch Safe Sip at national event

One of Mundelein High School's Incubatoredu program startups, "Safe Sip," recently moved on as a finalist in the INCubatoredu National competition. Safe Sip, a drink-spiking detection product, is one of the top five Incubator startups in the country competing for this national honor. The Safe Sip startup was created by five senior girls at Mundelein High School. 

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The Four Points News

Head-first into the Shark Tank: The INCubatoredu program

Rounding out its fifth year at Vandegrift, the Entrepreneurship/INCubatoredu program has grown to become one of the most popular course requests among students. Taught by teachers Erin Mathis and Erin Lucas, the course allows students to spearhead the creation of their own unique businesses, whilst incorporating vital knowledge of business management and marketing research. 

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Best of SNO | Harker School

Want to start a business? It’s 'pawsible'

How do high school students start their own businesses? This question echoes inside the minds of many budding teenage entrepreneurs with ambitious dreams and diligent spirits. Age, limited resources and other restrictions pose challenges to high schoolers. Despite these obstacles, seniors Rohan Gorti, Arin Jain and Zubin Khera did just that in their junior year. 

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Austin American-Statesman

Westlake students win national business competition with medical app pitch

When Amaan Rumi’s business incubator team at Westlake High School came up with the idea to create an app that helps people manage medications and keeps track of things like conflicting drugs and patient allergies, he thought of his grandmother. 

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Lakota West HS business team 1 of 5 in nation to dive into ‘shark tank’ contest

The Lakota West team – MatchedUp - is among five high school groups nationwide invited to travel to Chicago later this month to compete in the “INCubatoredu National Pitch” for thousands of dollars in start-up funding.

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Daily Journal Online

FHS INCubatoredu Program Deemed a Success

The inaugural year of the INCubatoredu business curriculum taught at Farmington High School was deemed a big success.

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Focus Daily News

Mallet Head Explores Connections Following INCubatoredu Pitch

Not everyone with an idea gets funding from the wealthy entrepreneurs on the TV show “Shark Tank.” It doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great idea, however.  After all, from those appearances come strong connections...

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Focus Daily News, Dallas

MISD Students In National Spotlight As They Pitch Mallet Head This Week

As anyone who has ever watched “Shark Tank” on TV knows, the lights shine brightest on those fortunate enough to land a chance to try and strike a deal with any or all of the millionaires/billionaires in the room.

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Walk-Thru Student Team - Winners of INCubatoredu 2020 National Pitch
KVUE Austin, Texas

Vista Ridge High School INCubatoredu Students Win National Competition

Vista Ridge High School INCubatoredu 2020 National Pitch Winner, Walk-Thru, is featured in this news segment on KVUE in Austin. 

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