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Insider94—Midwest Business Journal

What a High School Entrepreneur Taught me About Networking

Entrepreneurship is a long, but rewarding, journey and it requires time, talent, financial resources, and community support to create success.  If I hadn’t taken note of these brothers during my early morning work outs, I would have missed out on discovering the incredible story of DeoBlock and how I could offer guidance and resources for these young entrepreneurs.

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Getting Smart

How Generation Z is Using Sustainability and Entrepreneurship Education to Save the Planet

Just as they were born into a world with easily accessible technology (and cannot conceive otherwise), members of Generation Z have only known a climate in crisis. From day one, these young people have had to consider the future of a planet threatened by the actions and inactions of humans. For them, the question isn’t if they will see the effects of climate change, but when, and whether they can take steps today that will lessen the impact of this environmental upheaval tomorrow.

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Daily Herald

Palatine Grads Turned Smelly Gym Bags and a Class Project into a Business

A business incubator class Drake Roberts and Anthony Tamras took their senior year at Palatine High School gave them an idea, disrupted their college plans and changed their lives. Now, after five years of research and development, the 23-year-olds have turned that idea into a growing company that sells a compact, recyclable, plant-based air deodorizer called DeoBlock...

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The Daily Illini

Allergenius Baking Co Starts up Students’ Business Experience

One of the newest startups to be introduced on campus is the Allergenius Baking Company, a business run by a group of young students who are adding their wealth of knowledge into the startup atmosphere at the University.

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Fox Illinois, Champaign, IL

UI freshman Creates Eco-Friendly Clothing Swap Service

INCubatoredu Alum and U of I student, Mona Fang:  "It was something I saw that wasn't done right and I just thought, there has to be a new solution out there," she says.

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